DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, a full-service kitchen and bath design/build company specializing in a wide range of services, from quick cosmetic makeovers to full traditional remodels. The company has been in business since 1997 and operates out of  St. Louis Park, MN.

DreamMaker maintains a remodeling design center and offers a complete menu of remodeling services from design to production for turn-key projects. Their mission is to educate the client about kitchen and bath remodeling options, while giving them an enjoyable experience by delivering style and value that truly exceeds the investment.

Average project timeline: The timelines of our projects widely vary because the size and scope of our projects vary widely. It really depends on how comfortable the client is in making decisions and moving forward within the size and scope of their particular project.

Why do your customers select you over competitors? What makes you unique?

We are an award-winning design/build remodeling company with a design remodeling center—a one-stop-shop for all types of remodeling projects. Our project management system allows us to complete the best possible projects for our clients in the most efficient way, resulting in less stress and a high degree of satisfaction for our clients.

We also offer more options than the typical remodeler at graduated price points, from simply surfacing room elements, to replacing fixtures in the current layout, to completely redesigning spatial layouts and the room components. This gives our clients control of their investment level through their choice of options. We display examples of these options in our showroom and in our project portfolios.

What is your biggest/greatest piece of advice for a homeowner embarking on a new project?

The more decisions you can make up front and the fewer changes you make during the install, the more stable your schedule and your budget will be. That said, you also need to be flexible, because things like hidden problems within walls do sometimes happen.

What are some tips for clients hoping to save money on a project?

You don’t necessarily have to put an addition onto your house in order to achieve your spacial goals. Look first at re-thinking your existing space. Also, look for items you already have that can be re-purposed.

In the last year, have you completed a project for a client you met at the West Metro Home Remodeling Fair? 

Yes. We have completed several baths and kitchens for clients we met through the remodeling fair. They vary from 9×5 bathrooms to large entertainment kitchens.

What is the strangest/most unique client request you have received?

A client with an adventurous cat wanted a catwalk built at the top of her kitchen cabinets.

What are some home trends you are seeing/predicting for 2020?

  1. Universal design but it is becoming more of a given than just a trend. Now almost every project includes a conversation about how to make elements of the home accessible to every member of the family living there, now and in the future.
  2. Smart home technology—the industry is getting more integrated technology-wise, making it more possible to connect components in the home for an easier, more seamless system. Lighting, security devices, appliances, and entertainment equipment are all areas we are seeing connected and digitally controlled.
  3. Biophilic design is becoming more mainstream. There are several ways to invoke nature and reinforce the connection to the outdoors when planning a remodel, and we have practiced this to varying degrees for many of our projects in the last year.