Neighborhood Building & Remodeling Co.

Neighborhood Building and Remodeling Co., is a full-service residential remodeling company offering design help and free consultations. BuiltNeighborhood Photo on trust, experience and vision, Neighborhood Building and Remodeling Co. has been helping people realize their remodeling dreams since 1983.

The small organization of four employees operates out of Minnetonka. At any given time, Neighborhood Building and Remodeling Co. is working on an average of four projects.

Average project cost: $15,000

Average project timeline: One month

Why do your customers select you over competitors? What makes you unique?

We operate on trust and good communications. Our craftsmen take pride in their work to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. It is very important to have good communication with customers and build a good relationship.

What is your biggest/greatest piece of advice for a homeowner embarking on a new project?

Be prepared and lay out your plan. The best thing for a project is to be organized so the project can run smoothly. Also, don’t get too stressed out, we are here to help!

What are some tips for clients hoping to save money on a project?

Be sure to get multiple quotes and do your research. We offer financial help and ideas on how to save on your project.

In the last year, have you completed a project for a client you met at the West Metro Home Remodeling Fair? 

Yes. This was a more unique project for an older home in St. Louis Park. The entry dining area was in need of some updates. We removed the old carpeting and replaced it with a very stylish and rustic tile. The walls were in rough shape so we fixed up the drywall and gave it a fresh coat of paint to match the tile. Pulling the room together was some new custom made dark oak baseboards and ceiling cove moulding.

What is the strangest/most unique client request you have received?

One large-scale project requested from a potential client was raising the entire house and adding a basement.

What are some home trends you are seeing/predicting for 2020?

Trends for 2020 may include colorful cabinets and gold hardware. And wallpaper is making a comeback.

Is there anything else you think folks should know about your company/organization?

We are ready to see your projects! We are right in your neighborhood and offer free consultations. We also help with any design ideas!