Maximize your success on “DIY” remodeling projects by attending a series of practical Seminars conveniently offered throughout the day of the Home Remodeling Fair. Discover current trends and solutions and develop the recommended steps to accomplish your remodeling dreams. All Seminar leaders are experts in their field and will inspire you to create the house, garden or yard of your dreams!


2024 Seminars 

Noon – 12:45 pm

Evolving Gardens

Kate Netwal, U of M Master Gardeners

Room 208

Change in our gardens and landscape are inevitable.  In this program we will discuss creative ways to manage environmental and personal changes impacting our gardens to create a more sustainable landscape.

Green Remodeling Can I Achieve My Dream Remodel in an Eco-Friendly Way?

Timothy Ferraro-Hauck, Owner/Founder, Bluestem Remodeling

Room 213

There is plenty of information out there about eco-friendly ways to construct new homes- but what about green remodeling?

In this seminar, we’ll discuss what green remodeling means and talk about specific choices you can make in your remodeling project to improve your home without harming the environment. There are options available to you that will be better for our world while still leading to beautiful remodeling results.

We will also discuss ways to remodel sustainably without worrying about “getting less” or it costing more. 

How to Create a Master Plan for Your Forever Home

Björn Freudenthal, New Spaces Design-Build-Remodel

Room 223

Björn Freudenthal will take you through a compelling homeowner remodeling story showing you the before and after transformation of a 1980’s Architect-Designed Home. Experience a 3D virtual tour, photos and floor plans. Learn current design trends, master plan tips and tricks and get you started into design. Björn will be answering any questions you may have about the remodeling process as well.

1:00 – 1:45 pm

Vegetable Gardening

Sonya Burke, U of M Master Gardeners

Room 208

Want tips on how to get the most from your vegetable garden throughout Minnesota’s short growing season? Learn which vegetables can be replanted for a second harvest, how to plant to maximizes garden space, and more.

Transforming Kitchens, One Step at a Time: Your Guide to Navigating the Remodeling Journey

Nicole First, Neighborhood Building and Remodeling

Room 213

We will address specific phases of the kitchen remodeling process, starting from the initial dreaming and planning stage, moving through the hiring of professionals, designing the perfect kitchen, budgeting considerations, managing the chaos of construction, and finally, putting the finishing touches on the renovated space.

Bath Remodeling 2024: Small Innovations to Total Renovations

Lynn Monson, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen
Room 223
Learn about bathroom remodeling from start to finish. Create a vision for your new bath using current trends and materials available. This session goes through the steps to make it functional and fabulous.

2:00 – 2:45 pm

The Power of Design in the Process of Renovation

Eric Hansen, EJ Hansen AIA

Room 208

This seminar will focus on saving older homes going through the process of design to explore what you can do with an existing structure. Often, you can “stay inside the box” and renovate or add on and make a new and better space.

Designing a Functional and Stylish Bathroom: Making All the Pieces Work Together

Nicole First, Neighborhood Building and Remodeling

Room 213

We will guide you through the bathroom remodeling process, covering everything from envisioning your ideal design, establishing a budget, selecting materials, and final finishes. Throughout, we will emphasize the importance of making thoughtful and informed choices to ensure that the remodeled space not only exudes style but also functions efficiently for the long term.

Kitchen Remodeling 2024: Small Innovations to Total Renovations

Lynn Monson, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Room 223

Before and after photos illustrate the latest trends, technologies, and universal design features to incorporate into your dream kitchen. Innovative solutions include options to cost-effectively change your space.