Puustelli USA

Our next West Metro Home Remodeling Fair Sponsor Spotlight feature is Puustelli, a kitchen remodeling company. After nearly 100 years of building exceptional Scandinavian kitchens, Finland-based Puustelli expanded its business to North America three years ago with a mission to provide kitchens to serve as the heart of the home with unmatched design, functionality, durability and sustainability. The nine-employee organization is located in Uptown Minneapolis.

Why do your customers select you over competitors? What makes you unique?

With a long-standing track record of quality and reliability, Puustelli has set a new industry standard with our innovative Miinus cabinetry that is made with the most ecological, healthy and sustainable materials for unmatched fashion and function.

What is the average timeline of a project in your field?

10 weeks.

What is the average cost of a project in your field?


What is your biggest/greatest piece of advice for a homeowner embarking on a new project?

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, it’s important to plan ahead well and get enough ideas for your new kitchen. Be creative and dare to dream.

Professional kitchen designers will be the best person to help you here. They will know all your opportunities, can design the space to function better and, most of all, will listen to ideas and dreams and make a design based on those. Pay attention to who you work with. The company’s experience, kitchen cabinetry quality, customer testimonials and quality of work will tell you a lot.

It’s also good to remember that detailed kitchen design plans will give you a detailed price without any surprises, including whatever has been discussed for the scope of the work.

Enjoy your journey – let the professionals do what they are best at.

Describe a favorite recent project and explain why it was a favorite.

The Avon House is a custom designed build based on a vision to create a modern yet comfortable home in Avon, Minnesota. Sheree Vincent – who specializes in sustainable interior design – envisioned the house with Puustelli cabinetry throughout the home. She incorporated custom-built solutions in the kitchen, all three bathrooms, the laundry room, the master bedroom walk-in closet, and even included built-in bookcases in the living room.

What are some home trends you are seeing/predicting for 2019?

We are seeing two-toned kitchen cabinetry and clean integration in our kitchen designs with maximized and clever storage solutions.

We are also seeing kitchen upper cabinets replaced with wood or glass shelving and colored cabinets in kitchens, while moving away from all white cabinetry.