Simplify Home Services

Our 2019 West Metro Home Remodeling Fair Sponsor Spotlights continue with Simplify Home Services, a one-stop complete home maintenance shop. Simplify handles everything from basic home improvements, to heating/cooling, electrical and plumbing projects.

Simplify Home Services was founded in 2016 and is a Sicora company. The small organization of nine employees operates out of their office in St. Louis Park.

Why do your customers select you over competitors? What makes you unique?

Simplify is a business founded on the premise that you partner with one company for all of your home improvement needs – there is one point of contact for your convenience and non-biased advice for your peace of mind.

Since we have such a range of services and skilled staff, we can tackle a small electrical issue to an entire home remodel.

Have you completed a project for a client you met at the West Metro Home Remodeling Fair?

Yes. We have met a number of clients through the Home Remodeling Fair, with electrical and plumbing repairs being our most requested service. Water heater change outs and electrical pane upgrades are our more popular requests.

What is the average timeline of a project in your field?

One to two days.

What is the average cost of a project in your field?


What is your biggest/greatest piece of advice for a homeowner embarking on a new project?

Work with someone that helps to ‘curate’ the best solution options for you. Don’t work with people that will just ‘do whatever you ask them to do.’ Professionals should offer the best solutions for you to choose from, and at varying price points so that you can choose the features and quality of goods that you want in your project.

Describe a favorite recent project and explain why it was a favorite.

Work for repeat customers is, by far, our most rewarding work. We become a trusted part of everyone’s ‘extended family.’ We value and appreciate the opportunity to earn that level of trust from our clients.

What are some home trends you are seeing/predicting for 2019?

  1. Lower maintenance solutions.
  2. Durable goods. You pay good money for this work, it should last you a good long time!