Transform Tubs, Tiles, & Sinks With Paint

Presto Bathroom After

Presto Bathroom After

Presto Bathroom Before

Presto Bathroom Before

A good scrubbing and the right products and tools are sure to help update an outdated bathroom or kitchen, but who would think just paint could be the trick?

Presto-Change-O home repair instructor Carolyn Nordstrom has been painting interiors for more than 18 years, including furniture, metal fire screens, field stone and brick fireplace surrounds, lamps, concrete floors, cabinets, and iron railings. You name it, Nordstrom has painted it! She got started doing decorative painting when working in theater designing and building sets, later opening a business with other decorative painters she met in the theater scene.

Nordstrom uses mostly acrylic based primers and paint, as well as oils when glazing cabinetry, to create the idea of a brand new kitchen or bathroom within a few days without the hassle of remodeling.

Her first and most important tip to those taking on this type of project is to make sure all surfaces are completely clean. Then comes the time to let the paint cure, so be patient with dry times.

Nordstrom said although faux finished walls have trended away from the current fads, learning faux stone and distressed metals treatments can vastly improve counter tops, fireplace surrounds, table tops, and lawn furniture.

She has even used pastel chalks on dining room table tops and sealed with a clear sealer to create a soft and charming feel to a country farm kitchen. But her favorite project was transforming the 1950s pink tiled bathroom in her new home into a lovely white and sea foam green bath.

“Here’s the thing, it’s only paint! You don’t like it? Try a different color or different technique,” Nordstrom said. “Paint can free you to explore and experiment on a dime!”

Speaking of money, one can make simple and beautiful changes to a bathroom or kitchen for under $200.

“For all of the DIYers that are on a tight budget and need a change, or to improve a space to sell, I think this is a great opportunity to improve a current bath or kitchen where there aren’t funds to put toward a complete remodel,” Nordstrom said.