2018 Winner

2018 WINNER: Casey Cotcamp of St. Louis Park

The West Metro Home Remodeling Fair offers countless opportunities for residents to meet with home remodeling professionals and have their questions answered about their upcoming projects. It also gives away $1,000 every year to a deserving homeowner with a room in dire need of an upgrade, just like the 2018 winner and his spatially challenged bathroom.

Casey Cotcamp’s grandmother lived in her house for more than 50 years. After her passing, Cotcamp bought the 1928 house from his family and began a much needed remodel, starting with the basement bathroom.

‘The washing machine dumps dirty water on the ground and into the shower, the sink stopped working, and there is no door,” Cotcamp stated in his entry form. “We would like to move the laundry and water softener out of the bathroom, tile the space, add new fixtures, re-do the shower, and add some nice storage.”

Cotcamp’s bathroom was voted most in need of repair by attendees of the 2018 fair and was awarded the $1,000 prize.

“I couldn’t believe it really,” he said when describing his reaction to winning. “I felt overwhelmed with excitement.”

After winning last year’s contest, Cotcamp put the prize money to use and started the remodeling project almost immediately. Now, a year after earning the title of worst room in the West Metro, the bathroom now might be the best!

The 2019 Operation: Rescue Room contest is open for submissions through Feb 4. Submissions will be judged and voted on by visitors of the annual Home Remodeling Fair, Feb 10. Get rules and entry forms on the Home Remodeling Fair website

Before (entry photo)